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    Morning Rituals

    Morning Rituals

    Morning Rituals

    So you’re not a morning person. No worries, me either. I’ve always had issues “waking up early” and not hitting my snooze button 4-5 times. Once I changed my mindset and added a few morning rituals, waking up got a little easier and more enjoyable. These are some things that I’ve been practicing lately and help me wake up peacefully and ready for my day.

    The Snooze Button Is Not Our Friend

    The snooze button is actually the devil. Instead of setting your alarm clock for a time that is unreasonable and way too damn early, be realistic and set it for the time you actually need to wake up. Why set your alarm clock for 6:30 when you wake up at 7 after all the snoozes? Get those 30 minutes of uninterrupted sleep and you’ll wake up less groggy.

    Music For Your Soul

    Calm, uplifting music has changed the way I feel in the morning. Listening to soothing beats and voices set my tone for the day. I used to turn the TV on to watch the weather and all that nonsense and I think it actually made me anxious. Even though I wasn’t paying too much attention, my subconscious mind would hear all of the news stories and I would carry that with me through my day. I made a Morning Rituals playlist that has just enough songs to wake up and get your morning started to. You can listen on Spotify and Apple Music. Just search for "TheLifeofHER". 

    Make Your Bed 

    Making your bed is the first productive thing you can do. It seriously takes 2 minutes, if that. If you find yourself rushing, or saying you don't have enough time, set your alarm clock for 2 minutes earlier. You’ll feel so much better getting into a made bed at night. Less mess, less stress.

    Candles Set the Mood

    I’m a victim of spending unnecessary amounts of money on candles. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Sue me. For the most part, I usually light them in the evenings- not sure why. Lately, I’ve been lighting them in the morning and it brings a sense of calmness to my home. I light a couple in different rooms that I spend the most time in; my kitchen and my bathroom.


    For most of us, we need coffee to survive. Instead of rushing to get out of the house to make it to the Starbucks drive-thru, make that shit on your own. Buy a coffee maker and actually use it. It saves you money AND time. My coffee maker has a setting where I can program a future time and it makes it on its own. Magic. I set it for 15 minutes prior to my alarm going off. Nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee. While you’re at it, make some toast with a side of fruit. You have time now.

    What do I wear today?

    We’ve heard this all before, “Pick your clothes out the night before.” I too still struggle with this. When I actually do this, it makes my morning go by that much smoother. If I don’t pick out my clothes the night before, I at least try to visualize what I’ll wear so I’m not spending an unnecessary amount of time trying on different black tops. Pick a black top and wear that black top.


    These steps have really changed the ways that I spend my mornings. I went from always rushing and having hectic mornings (which lead to hectic days), to calm and peaceful mornings.